Cindy Novotny

You Never Know Who is Calling You!


Last Friday I was on the plane sitting next to a woman who was trying to call someone before we took off.  I was watching her as she started laughing and began texting.  I had no idea what she was laughing at until she leaned over in front of me and got the attention of a woman who was sitting across the aisle from us enjoying her McDonald's burger, fries and shake!  She yelled the persons name and when the woman eating her Big Mac looked up she had a shock on her face. Let me share why I am even writing this.  It just so happened that the woman next to me owns a large company in Orange Country and the woman she was calling (the one eating her Big Mac) was her IT Vendor and deleted her call because she was more interested in her burger.  She was so embarrassed that her client was sitting right on the same plane and she ignored her.  I jumped right in the middle of that as you can imagine.  My seatmate and I had an entire conversation about how complacent vendors get and feel they can just 'diss' your call at any time.  The vendor continued to apologize and kept laughing with that 'embarrassed' laugh.

Moral of this story - unless you are really in a position to ignore a call from a client - you better pick up as you never know who is watching!