Cindy Novotny

Be a Game Changer by Slowing Down!


Wow - are you really reading this from me?  Yes you are.  I am not about slowing down in business or in your response time, but I do believe we need to enjoy life more by being selective in our choices.  Last week at Engage15 in Mexico we had the wonderful experience of hearing from Dan Harris, the coanchor of Nightline and the weekend edition of Good Morning America speak.  He shared his experiences of living in the fast lane and learning to use meditation to rein in the millions of voices in our heads.  I am reading his book and he is making me think about a lot of things.  Oh, and by the way - buy his book - 10% Happier! At some time, most of us reach a point when we are too busy to add even one more task to our overbooked schedule - just ask me as there are very few days on my calendar that say  'off.'  This constant connectivity, combined with the feeling that you have to do it all can lead to undo stress which can take a toll on your health.

Now hearing this from me - someone who wrote the book - 'Living with No Balance and Loving It,' can seem like a contradiction.  I am not talking about throwing in the towel, I am talking about slowing down for a few minutes everyday to breathe, think and figure out the next move.  So after reading Dan's book about meditation, I decided I would give it a try.  I can not say that I am sitting in a quiet room, on a wonderful mat, with fresh air blowing in my face, but what I can tell you is how someone like me - a person running one hundred miles an hour has found her 'mindful minutes.'

I always take lunch - never miss a meal!  But what I have done this past week is take my lunch outside and with no phone, no email and not talking to anyone, I spend a good 15 minutes breathing and thinking.  It is starting to make me feel better.  I am no longer working until 9:00pm at night.  If I don't get it finished by at least 6:00pm, it will wait until tomorrow.  Unless it is a deadline and then of course I just get it done.  

I get into bed and turn off the TV - no more noise.  I am laying there breathing, resting and after a while it is actually mediation!  Who would ever think that I could do it - but I am trying and it is working - one breath at a time!