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Be A Game Changer #Food&Beverage #BeDifferent

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Be a Game Changer #Food & Beverage! We have spent the last several years working on making a difference in Food & Beverage as it relates to our restaurant Hanna’s and for our clients in the hotels.  Everything is changing from bartenders to mixologists, from the black and white gala to the ‘grazing stations.’  Are you on the cutting edge?  Are you making sure that your events sales team know how to sell profitable food & beverage?  If not – become a game changer with Master Connection Associates!

The client’s expectations are changing and the younger generation is bored with the typical ‘deli platter.’  They love innovation, color, creativity and engagement as it relates to their hospitality suites, cocktail hours and dinners.  Mixologists that teach people how to make a proper Gin & Tonic, or how to create Bathtub Gin batch cocktails is fun, different and insightful.  This generation of Millennials and Gen Z’s like to be enlightened – otherwise why would they be all over social media taking more pictures of food and drinks! Today speakers are polling their audiences live and talking to live viewers on Periscope while showing off the group lunch – you have very little wiggle room when it comes to doing it right the first time!  This means once in a lifetime menu’s – no longer does it work to send the old fashion menu packet and ask the client to pick between the beef, chicken or fish!   Really?  Remember this new, younger client is used to customizing their salads on their iPhone for Salata :: The Next Generation Salad Bar,  so a Xerox copy of your menu that hasn’t been update in years simply won’t work!

It goes even farther than that – if you claim that you have organic food, where is the farm that this came from?  Everyone is a master chef today and you need to set yourself apart from the competition by telling stories and painting the picture.

So instead of continuing to present what you have always done in the past, break out of the norm and start with a ‘white sheet of paper.’