Cindy Novotny

How To Survive Working for a Jerk!


I have worked for them all – the good boss, the ‘ass,’ the egotistical maniac, and the moody leader who you had to walk on egg shells around.  I believe that you must stay true to your values, but not lose sight of keeping your job – at least until you get a new one! Here are a few tips to help you navigate the world of ‘bosses.’

  1. Know your place and respect your boss for having the job
  2. Give suggestions when asked
  3. Do the right things at the right time and don’t get involved with the gossip
  4. Show courage – stand up for what you believe in and don’t worry about winning a popularity contest
  5. Limit your personal exposure around the bad boss – don’t tell all of your crazy stories
  6. Be a top producer and blow your own horn when you can about your accomplishments
  7. Maintain an unbelievable professional presence on line – LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, etc.
  8. Rise above the negativity
  9. Make people notice you in a positive manner
  10. Like yourself but don’t believe your own PR – what could you learn from this ‘jerk’?

If you focus on how much you hate your boss, every little thing will drive you crazy.  Little issues that you would normally ignore will keep you up at night.  Take a step back and think about your options.  Do you like the job?  Do you like the work?  If the answer is yes, continue to thrive because in due time that boss will be gone – they always go sooner or later.  Not to be ‘cheesy’ but just think of Frozen and ‘Let it Go.’