Cindy Novotny

Happy Memorial Day!


Happy Memorial Day!  I am hoping that in addition to your backyard picnics and barbeques you take time to remember the soldiers that have fought to keep us safe and free.  Too many people today ignore the significance of our flag and what it stands for. On Saturday, I was filming a live Periscope video about a small town in Northern Michigan that had over 100 flags flying down Main Street.  A person made a comment on my Twitter and Periscope that this town should not have spent their money on those stupid flags.  At that point I told this person live on streaming Internet TV to stop following me as I had NO time for someone in this country who enjoys all the benefits but forgets what it took to become America and stay America!

I don’t care who you are and where you came from.  If you immigrated to this country, welcome!  But whether you came here on your own or were born here you better start to appreciate what you have.

Everyone seems to be running around like rats in a maze searching for something.  It is amazing to me how many people can’t get out of that maze and only see the long corridors that lead to a closed door or a corner.  Until you lift your head up and look outside your own walls you have no idea if you are going in the right direction.  Stop now and ask yourself – why am I lost?  What do I want?  How will I get there? And more importantly who will help me?  It may start with some simple gratitude about living in America – for all of my followers who are reading this outside the USA, thank you for listening and enjoy your wonderful country as well.