Cindy Novotny

Traditional Selling Gets a Makeover!

  1. Traditional relationship selling is still in vogue in a big way without the aggressive ‘pitch.’ No longer is just ‘feature dumping’ or ‘telling’ going to work!

    1. What does work is storytelling, relating, presenting solutions to industry issues and building strong relationships with more than one contact within an account
  2. Take a look at your LinkedIn profile and your social platforms – what does it say that would make a prospective client want to do business with you?  Remember clients buy from YOU first!
    1. MCA would be more than happy to review your LinkedIn profile and provide you with feedback – just call us!
    2. Know what is new – are you on Periscope? If not – why not?
  3. Knowledge is power – as the saying goes! But in today’s high tech world, the client is as knowledgeable as you are – maybe even more.
    1. So do your homework – research your accounts, Google Alert each of your key clients and pay attention to trends.
  4. Everyone is busy – don’t waste your clients’ time. Make your clients lives easier by saving them time.
    1. Always ask to set a phone appointment through sending an Outlook Invite – no more phone tag
  5. Don’t act like your clients don’t know what they are talking about – they are smart! And more important – THEY ARE IN CHARGE!
  6. Value propositions rock – what value do you bring to the table and how to you continue to improve your deliverable value?