Cindy Novotny

Are you a Boss or a Leader?


Why is a cow is called "Bossy"? 'Bossy is a general name for a cow, just as Dobbin refers to a horse and Tabby to a cat. The Latin word for ox or cow is “bos”, and it is probable that the first person to call a cow Bossy was equipped with both a knowledge of Latin and a sense of humor. Some authorities, however, suppose the term to be related in origin to the dialectic English word boss calf, a young calf. In the Teutonic languages there is a root word variously spelled ‘bos, boose and buss,’ which means barn, stall or crib. The thought is originally a boss calf was a calf kept in a barn or stall as distinguished from one grazing at large and that bossy as applied to a cow is derived from the same source.' - From "A Book About A Thousand Things" by George Stimpson.


This is exactly why I don’t want to be called a boss!  So you just got promoted and you are now the boss.  This can seem a bit overwhelming unless you realize that you have a huge responsibility to be a mentor, a guide, and a ‘LEADER.’  I know a lot of bosses who are not true leaders.  So here are my tips to becoming a true leader.

  1. Know the definition of leadership. Be an example to your team
  2. Be approachable as a part of the team
  3. Role play with the team all the time – don’t tell – show!
  4. Shut your mouth once in a while and listen – to the good, the bad and the ugly
  5. Don’t overwork yourself but be available always to assist
  6. Don’t complain about how much you work
  7. Give and receive feedback – focus on the positive and reinforce the behavior you want to see more of
  8. Take a page out of my book – the last Friday of the month is the ‘team lunch’ whether we are in town or not – we pay for the team to go to a restaurant and celebrate the month! Teambuilding made easy!
  9. Inspect what you expect! Set expectations and hold people accountable to the expectations and goals
  10. Always share where the company is going. What is new, what is changing and how it effects them