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Cindy’s 10 Top Travel Tips

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flyer I am asked every day how I could possibly travel so much and also how I pack for so many trips?   So, I decided to share my secrets with you today.  Because I spend more time on the road than many of you – some of this will not necessarily apply.  But take what you can and enjoy the wonderful ride of a ‘road warrior.’

  1. Stay Packed – I keep a toiletry bag always packed.  I replace what I need but leave it all together in my bag.  I never unpack the make-up.  I have duplicates of everything I use in my bathroom so I have what I need when I am home.  Nothing is worse than un-packing and re-packing every few days or even every week.
  2. Keep Calm and Carry On! – When you live on a plane you need what you want – when you want it. I carry 2 bags with me on the plane.  One with all my business needs, computer, plugs for the world, adapters, business files, books, writing material, etc.  The other bag is for my entertainment – magazines, iPad, head phones, medicine, candy, cashmere blanket, eye covers, socks and pillow.  I never leave home with it!
  3. I don’t carry anything on hangers as they take too much space and make the suitcase heavier. I fold all my clothes with tissue paper to reduce wrinkles.
  4. I pack all my shoes in shoe ‘socks’ so they don’t get scuffed or hurt the clothes
  5. I pack a ‘boy scouts’ medicine box so that anything I need is available for me – I replace the contents of this once a year
  6. I carry with me all my medical information, a passport even if I am traveling within the states as you never want to miss an opportunity to jump on plane for an international trip, and vaccine authorizations
  7. Get a bite before the flight – I am all about making sure I have food and water for my flights. Even if I get upgraded, some of the domestic flights today only offer a small snack or nuts.  I may need more than that, especially with delayed flights.  Some of my favorite snacks are ‘FIT’ popcorn, apples, beef jerky, chocolate and water!
  8. I travel in comfort but if I needed to, I could show up ready to go to work. I don’t believe in flying like a teenager with no taste.  I travel in comfortable but classy clothes.  Always have a nice pashmina to throw on should I have to go right to a business dinner or meeting, if my luggage is lost.  Many of the people on my team travel with one business outfit in their carry on for these emergencies.
  9. Charge everything before getting on a flight – even the planes that have electric outlets now sometimes don’t work. I also carry an additional charging device for my iPhone and iPad
  10. Carry along your manners and be nice. One of the reasons I love traveling is meeting new and interesting people.  If you are rude, arrogant and just plan nasty everyone avoids you and you can forget about that upgrade!