Cindy Novotny

Lifetime Relationships :: On and Off Line!


Lifetime Relationships! Luxury brands do a wonderful job enlightening their loyal customers to new trends, new ways of purchasing and future plans for brand development.  Although this has worked well in the past, today developing a deep, loyal relationship takes more than focusing on your NPS scores.  Have you noticed that most brands have gone away from the typical feedback synopsis to the Net Promoter Score where the company cares more about how you will recommend their brand to future customers vs. what they can do to assist you?

I think we need to spend more time building a deeper relationship both on line and in person with the customer.  Think about the last time you walked into a luxury boutique to spend a lot of money on something you had been saving for or to buy a special gift for a friend.  Forget about the demographic you are in – Wealthy? Affluent? Or simply aspirational?  You are a customer and have the potential to become a loyal customer to that brand if they work on building a meaningful relationship with you.

As a brand you must focus on taking care of your existing and most profitable customers by creating a better buying experience in the store and on line.  You truly need to touch all the senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch!  However, how do you do this on line?  Everyone is losing the essence of service touch points as more and more shoppers move online.  But many luxury customers still want to do business with people – they enjoy walking into a luxury store, being greeted with a friendly smile, a warm welcome, a signature scent (think of Abercombie & Fitch – luxury in their segment), a fresh, cool bottle of branded water and a terrific retail image.  You must be conscious of the risk involved in trying to be all things to all people by giving up control of your brand on line.  Don’t forget to focus on these sense, even for the on line shoppers.

Always remember to stay true to your brand, your identity and your passion for the customer!