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What I love about Hong Kong!

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Traveling the world gives me the opportunity to shop, dine and visit attractions in every city I visit.  Of course most of my 'spare' time is in the evenings or weekends since I work during the day - YES I WORK!  So here are my ideas about Hong Kong for those of you thinking of visiting this fine city in the future.  I will tell you that after many years of working in Hong Kong, this trip made me realize just how comfortable I am here and how I am starting to find my way around - well at least with Michele Joseph as my guide!!! #1  I love SHOPPING - Hong Kong is a shoppers heaven.  It has more designer stores than Beverly Hills, London and Paris combined.

#2  My second favorite sport is dining - Hong Kong's dining is epic and home to more restaurants than you can imagine.  Sure you have had Dim Sum in LA, Houston, or San Francisco, but Dim Sum in Hong Kong is authentic.  Remember that Dim Sum means 'to touch the heart.'

#3 The history and culture is so rewarding that even just exploring the city on our own we find more treasures, music, museums, art galleries and of course Chinese health options...I always seem to drink more types of tea and always feel a bit better from the people I talk with on the streets.

#4 Green space - most people think of Hong Kong as a city built of high rises.  Of course it is a vibrant, fast city, but the little known fact is how much green outdoor space there is for hiking and walking.  There are more than 200 outlying islands you can sail around and enjoy the beaches.

So put Hong Kong on your bucket list - you will love it!