Cindy Novotny

On Demand Economy!


Live from Hong Kong on this fine Monday morning made me realize just how fast things are moving.  I used my Uber App for a ‘black car’ who got to me within 15 minutes of ordering it, and then on TV I just saw how many people are ‘on demand.’  The personal fitness coach, the hairstylist for the ‘blowout’, the administrative assistant, all available on demand.  No one will wait in lines anymore, no will need to call information to get a telephone number (so old fashion), they will just use their App and bam! ‘Right at your fingertips you get what you want, when you want it and how you want it.’ There is the new App that allows parents to shut down a child’s phone if they child doesn’t return their calls, a new wristband (similar to a Fitbit) that tracks the children’s whereabouts and alerts parents on their smart phone.  Everything, everyone is connected.  Don’t like it – get over it as it is not going away.

What this does mean is that ‘slow’ is over.  You must return calls, emails and get back to people both personally and professionally right away if you want to thrive vs. just surviving.  It is the new economy of ‘On Demand!’