Cindy Novotny

It Only Takes 7 Minutes!


Everything I do in life is fast but my results seem to be great so I will keep up the “race car” mentality.  I jump on assignments fast, I answer calls fast, I handle problems in my personal and business life fast and although I have been known to leave some destruction in my path – I get it done!  This is how I live my life, with the exception of exercise.  I hate it, it seems that 30 minutes on a treadmill seems like 5 hours – slow thinking, slow results!  Well I found my solution and it is beginning to work.  The “7 Minute Workout” app on my iPhone is it!  7 minutes of a tough workout right in my hotel room and I can really feel it.  Thank you 7 Minutes….it is fast and I recommend it to anyone who likes exercise to fit into their fast, busy life rather than trying to make your life fit into exercise.