Cindy Novotny

My Secret To Stamina!

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I am always asked "how do you do it?"  How can you possibly travel like you do, be away from your own bed, and always be 'on?'  I guess to others I look like an energizing bunny, but to me this is just normal.  I believe it stems from my childhood where we moved a lot due to my dad's career as he was always getting transferred to a new city.  I loved that feeling.  A new house, new friends and new experiences.  I know that some of you would not enjoy that.  In fact, I know many people that have turned down great jobs because they don't want to move, can't imagine putting the kids in a different school.  For me, it is what made me who I am.  It gave me energy and 'stamina' to take on whatever was thrown my way - good or bad!   So how do I do it?  I stay extremely productive by having a positive and happy outlook on life.  Yes, this is no BS - I really do love life and I believe it is critical as an entrepreneur to have a healthy balance of work and play.  Of course many would say a healthy balance of mind and body (that means working out)!  I am adding that into my play part of balance.  At least I am counting my steps.  Work does stimulate me, it keeps me alive and the truth is I am healthier when I am working and going a hundred miles an hour.  So here are some Cindy Tips on getting it all done (with a smile on my face). 1.  Schedule calls for everything - even touching base with friends and family

2.  I get up early enough to have a cup of coffee, check emails, watch the news and read up on the latest trends happening in my business.  This makes my mind calm.  I don't enter the day rushing to get things done since I have already handled what came in while I was sleeping.

3.  I eat the big frogs first.  If you have never heard the analogy of proactive work, it is taking the biggest project you have and getting it done first and the other small ones will come easily.  Think of having to eat a bunch of frogs - ugh!  If you look at 5 of them in front of you, some may think I will start with the smallest one.  But by the time you get to the big one you can barely take it.

4.  I make sure to get outside everyday.  Take a walk, go shopping or simply sit in the sun for a few minutes.  Get away from your desk for that mental check in so you don't get mental fatigue.

I am not much different than others in that I want to lead a productive and successful life.  I just control my destiny so I will not have anyone to blame but myself for my success or lack of it!