Cindy Novotny

Been There - Done That!

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Since I have been in business for many years, I meet several other sales professionals, leaders and executives of all industries that have years of experience as well.  These high performers can be the most valuable and productive asset or they can become ‘stagnant and under-whelming.’  Seniority, tenure and high performing individuals are very valuable to a company but you MUST keep investing in them.   Most of the top producers I work with tell me that they are left to ‘fly solo.’  Their bosses are so busy with younger and less experienced team members that these individuals seem to be left on their own.  This is a huge mistake and one that can cost your organization a lot of lost revenue. Why?  This top producer may be making their numbers because they have been handling the same territory or accounts and if challenged to actually bring in much more business or higher revenue business could be a struggle.  In addition, this individual is being courted by the competition whether you believe that or not.  Loyalty is much stronger when you are investing in your top performers and helping them grow.

Simply relying on an annual review is not enough.  Recent studies show that 70% of employees are not engaged positively in their job – this is unbelievable!  When we interviewed a group of performers only 53% said they are getting regular feedback.   That makes people feel they are not appreciated and are not valued.  Challenge these people, stretch their goals, and give them a new reason to come to work and produce every day.