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Like it or not - if you are the leader you are in charge!

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A few years ago I read the book “The No Asshole Rule,” by Robert Sutton where he highlights getting rid of jerks from the workplace because of the devastation they can inflict on coworkers’ emotional well-being and work quality. I have to agree with him, but what I add is the person who is ‘wearing out everyone on the team.’  This is the drama king or queen, but they are not a full forced tyrant, just the person who is dragging everyone else down. As a leader, you have to deal with everyone face on – take it one step at a time and make sure everyone steps up to the plate with feedback.  Recently I was working with a team who shared how one of the team members was just not worth arguing with.  They simply began to ignore this person.  That is an example of an unproductive work environment.  A simple discussion with this team member should cause immediate change, and if it doesn’t we move to the next step – ‘opening up their future by clearing their calendar.’

Yes, I am serious.  When you look someone in the face and say, we need you to change your behavior, productivity or whatever the issue is and they don’t, then you must make changes.  Otherwise everyone else on the team is looking at you and how weak you are at confronting issues.

Terminating someone is a big deal, and one that I feel should never need to happen.  If you are leading the team with open communication – disruptive as it may be it will prove to create a result – one for both parties, whether you like it or not!

Leaders are responsible for managing the organization and in most cases the single greatest resource they manage is people, with compensation and benefits consuming as much as 80% of operating budgets.

To create energy, enthusiasm and total empowerment you must take charge of every situation – good and bad.  Remember if you are the ‘boss’ this is life you chose – therefore accept it and do something about it!