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Happy New Year 2015!

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Happy New Year 2015! Every January 1st I rewrite my resume even though I have owned a very successful company for 26 years.  I do this to be mindful of my achievements and areas that I should improve on.  There is no better time to practice mindfulness, which is all about being in the present moment at the beginning of a new year.  Talk about a fresh start.

Doing this simple routine has kept my ego in check and allowed me to boost my creativity, lower stress, and improve concentration especially when dealing with tough situations.

Many people start to believe their own PR and as I recently said in a speech – ‘you should only believe your own PR if it is true.’

So don’t miss out on becoming your personal best in 2015.  Look deep inside and recognize what you have really mastered, what you think you have mastered and where the opportunities lie.

Consider having a crucial conversation with a mentor who will give you authentic feedback versus just telling you what you want to hear.  This sounds basic, but reality is not easy.

As we begin 2015 don’t let your mind wander – check in with yourself so you don’t check out!