Cindy Novotny

There has never been a better time to have courage!


There are so many reasons to address issues in business, in your personal life and with one another that I can’t believe why so many people avoid handling their problems.  I like to channel Eleanor Roosevelt when it comes to this – ‘do something every day that scares you!’  Courage pays off but it is not easy for some.  If you have a strong sense of yourself and what you will and will not tolerate in life you will have more control of your destiny.  You might be terrified of public speaking (many are), but if you want to grow in your career, the opportunity of speaking at a conference or corporate meeting will help you grow.  It may scare you to death, but you will get over your fears if you face them head on.  Always have a clear vision of your future.  What do you want, how will you get there and what fears do you need to overcome? I am working right now in Manila, Philippines with some of the most out-going, extroverted client service professionals in the world.  They are young, not afraid and have become leaders in the BPO market due to tackling their fears of not speaking up.  In a culture where others in their same line of business, just show up for work, don’t rock the boat and avoid conflict, these individuals have tackled their issues head on and are not allowing any one to tell them ‘you can’t do that.’

So get up today and challenge yourself to flex your courage muscles.  It makes your job and life so much more interesting when you rock the boat.  Sure you may get a little wet but it is worth it!