Cindy Novotny

The Twelve Days of Leading Up To the Holidays! From The CEO of Holiday Reality

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  1. Give a helping hand to everyone around you – yes you should spread good cheer throughout the year
  2. Take some well-deserved time off to go ‘think’, get a massage, and avoid hitting the over indulgence overload
  3. Work smarter during this hectic month. Yes you have to work the entire month of December but be smart about it.  Don’t wait until New Years to clean off your desk – get motivated to get organized now
  4. Close more holiday sales. What a great time to call all your potential clients and ask for their signed contract – let them know it is better to give than receive!
  5. Deck the halls with whatever you believe in! That’s right – stop the madness of everyone going crazy over what holiday you celebrate vs. others.  Embrace your religion, culture, heritage or whatever you call ‘festive’ and live a little.  It wouldn’t hurt you to put up a twinkle light on your desk to avoid ‘bah humbug!’
  6. Share your favorite family recipe with your customers, co-workers, and friends. Embrace their traditional food as well.  After all not all fruitcake is bad – have you tried it from Williams Sonoma for heaven’s sake?
  7. Hold your head up high – to inspire yourself and those around you during the hectic month of December stay POSITIVE! Pull out the awards and love letters you received over the past year and display them at your desk – Proud out Loud!
  8. Check your credit score – can you really buy that diamond ring?
  9. Ask questions of your clients before we move into the New Year. What should you change next year to serve them more effectively?  What are you doing well and what can you improve?
  10. Get more sleep. Just try going to bed an hour early and you will be amazed at how productive you are the next day -  just try it!
  11. List all the problems you dealt with this year and come up with a plan to avoid the same issues in 2015
  12. Commit to all your goals in writing – put them in frames and put them in your conference room for all to see – commit to it by ‘inking it!”