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Whatever Got You Here...May Need a Re-Fresh!

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Many of you have had the same job for a long time.  There is a good and bad side to this.  First of all longevity is honored and the company you are with appreciates the loyalty.  The bad side of this is if you become stagnant or complacent in your role. I have owned my own business for 26 years and still update my resume every January 1st.  This makes me think about my accomplishments and what I have done, but more importantly it makes me think about what else I should be doing.  What goals did I not achieve and what should I have done differently.

Growing in your career means taking on new responsibilities without being asked, contributing to the growth of the company, adding value every day and coming up with innovative new ideas.

If you are a student reading this, you should be seeking new opportunities with jobs that involve your major and asking executives for some time to do informational interviews that will bring your industry knowledge up to date.

We are never too old to learn something new and acquire new skills.  Are you?  Don’t set back in your easy chair and watch life pass you by.  Get up, get out and get excited about taking your knowledge and skills to the next level.  Make the most of your recent successes, share your wins, be proud out loud and always know you can stay in the role you love for as long as you want to if you keep changing with the seasons!

..."Do one thing that scares you everyday"  Eleanor Roosevelt