Cindy Novotny

Resources to Humans (HRD)


The human resource department should be just that – a resource to managers to assist in their development of their people.  It should not be a scapegoat department, a place to pass off bad performers or a punching bag.  

If an employee is having stress issues, drug problems, marital issues, medical problems or any personal problems you need human resource professionals to help you.  If your employee is having productivity issues it is your job as a manager, leader to give them feedback and work with them on a performance plan.  Personal issues belong to HRD while productivity issues belong to the manager. 

What typically happens is that a sharp employee will tug at the heart strings of a weak manager and use personal issues to cloud their performance issues.  Regardless of the circumstances as a leader you need to stay on top of your team’s performance or lack of it so this doesn't happen.

Either way, it’s important for every manager to realize that the relationship with HR is a two-way street, and both parties can create tension if you are not communicating on a regular basis. 

What frustrates managers is when the HRD feels as though they are on their own planet and are not involved in the business.  Many managers will say that HR gets in their way and makes it hard for a leader to get rid of someone.

If the manager is documenting all issues with an employee it should be seamless in your attempt to release someone from your team. 

All parties represent the company and no man is an island and no man stands alone.  Work together to create synergy and be on the same page as it relates to challenges, hiring, performance reviews, employee feedback discussions, compensation reviews, and more.

Remember as a leader you need the resources to humans (HRD) and as HRD you need your customers – the leaders that work for the company.