Cindy Novotny

No Title = More Accountability!


Everyone wants to feel powerful in their jobs. It can be very productive or very destructive if there is a lot of power without responsibility or accountability. Empowerment, delegation and job performance are a topic in every meeting. But how many times does a person with a big title sometimes let others down?
Open communication and encouragement to take responsibility and feel as though you ‘own’ the job is very important. You don't have to promote everyone to a senior leadership position to make them feel like a leader. In our company title means very little – in fact our business cards show no title. I have empowered everyone to take on the position they need at that moment to handle a client and make things happen. If someone asks to speak to the ‘boss’, our team is empowered to be that ‘boss.’
Autonomy is earned by doing the job and then some – not by being given a big title. Allowing people to do their job and work on their projects the way they want to do it can make a big difference — no title required.
Everyone wants to feel in control of their destiny. Help them – help you drive your business to success.