Cindy Novotny

Stop the Madness!

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Are you running on a wheel like a hamster? Are you missing deadlines? Are you stressed and wishing you could go on vacation? If the answer to any of these is YES than you need to make some changes. But where do you start? I talk to so many people who feel they have no control over their time and end up not sticking to their plans and missing their goals. You need to stop the madness. This is in your control and by giving up your destiny to others, you are basically giving up your future success. It is your job to stick with the plan, the calendar and the action steps to achieve the goal. I believe you need to be a 'vigilante' in quest for taking charge of your schedule. The most positive people I meet are the ones who have chosen to be busy, stick with their plans and live the life they chose. Of course there are daily disappointments when you don't get everything done, but if you are in charge of re-scheduling you will feel much more fulfilled. Don't settle - don't stop - find a way around everything to meet and exceed your goals. Luck has NOTHING to do with success! You may argue that some people have won success by being in the right place at the right time. I would argue they decided to be at that place at that time. Think about it.