Cindy Novotny

Don't Take Life For Granted!

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Don’t Take Life For Granted! Two weeks ago when I was working in England I lost my eye sight in my left eye – just like that. We were having dinner with clients, and without any notice at all I could not see clearly out of my left eye. At that very moment all I could think about was life as I knew it would change forever. I had to fly back to Los Angeles with a patch on my eye trying to calm my nerves before I saw the Doctor. That was not a great flight at all.

After landing at LAX, I was immediately driven to the Doctor for an emergency visit and she ran several tests on my eye which showed that I had an eye floater that was not just spots but the entire clear, jelly-like substance had fallen down and covered my entire eye causing me the issue. My separation of the vitreous gel from the retina was the issue and should clear up within a month.

Although thrilled it would get better, I was leaving the very next day to fly to Houston to drive my mother to Michigan from Houston, Texas in her very large red Dodge Ram. I could have easily picked up the phone and canceled, but the Doctor assured me I could drive with one eye. Obviously I decided not to share this with anyone until I made the trip safely to Michigan. I did tell my mom as I needed her to be aware of why she would need to assist me while driving.

Why am I sharing this? Simple. We take life too casually and expect that everything will continue to run smoothly. At least I do. I never question that I will get up every morning and do what I do every day. Go 100 miles an hour in a million different directions and never skip a beat. As it turned out – I didn't skip a beat but it made me realize how delicate life is and how fortunate I am. There are so many of my friends and family members suffering from much more serious problems with their health – some life threatening, so this small hiccup with my eye is no big deal at this time.

I train every day on selling with stories that focus on the 5 senses – how does it look, what does it feel like, what is the taste, smell and what can you hear? These senses balance our life, our work and our health. I am currently teaching a class in Mexico and can only really see out of my right eye clearly – no one knows and I continue to work hard and work through this. I will always be reminded that every second of every day is truly a miracle. Don’t take it for granted.