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Boycotts, chaos and putting the anger where it doesn't belong!

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Celebs boycott Brunei-owned hotels over such laws as death by stoning!

I have always been a fan of Sir Richard Branson, but I feel that the community of Los Angeles and their celebrities need to put their money where their mouths are and lay down their picket signs.  The fight should be against the countries that are not embracing alternative lifestyles and human rights.  Brunei is not the only country that has issues with gay and womens rights.  These are the same countries that we continue to support by buying their oil.  We have enough oil resources in this country to never have to spend one cent with these countries.  Although the mayor of Beverly Hills states that The Beverly Hills Hotel is a pillar of our community, it is all about the ownership and lack of concern for justice.  Brunei has a population of 415,000 + and this boycott is not effecting them at all.  It has not brought justice and human rights to them.  Boycotts like this are misdirected and very harmful to the employees of the hotel.

In this case, these employees work for a hotel company that takes care of their people in a country where justice for gay, women's and all minority rights are a pillar of our foundation.  I agree completely with not supporting Brunei Sultan Hassanai Bolkiah but it is their country not ours.  From what we hear they are not interested in stopping this new law and this misguided anger will only hurt the hotel’s employees.  It doesn't seem that he is going to sell these hotels.  There are many hotels owned by leaders that are not leading in a fair way in their own country but this hotel is being run by Americans and American employees.  It is really easy to sit back in your easy chair and make accusations without having to pay the price of lost business, lost jobs and destroying an iconic hotel for what a leader in a far off country is doing in 'his own country.'  I have traveled throughout the Middle East where I have been questioned by religious police, had to dress in an Abayas and I never had a problem living the adage 'when in Rome do as the Romans do.'  This is not about our laws or our country and it certainly isn't about The Beverly Hills Hotel who employs around 600 employees and the Hotel Bel-Air around 400 employees.  In addition research shows that they also pay about $7million in bed taxes and $4million in city taxes annually to support the community.

The time has come to take control of what we can control.  The issues in this country, our own problems in the workplace with gay, women and all minority rights and truly keep our employees working.  Boycotting, protesting and canceling business at this hotel doesn't do anyone any good - even the competitor hotels who for the moment will enjoy the last minute revenue could become part of the next protest.