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Home is where the heart is!

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I flew home to my parents house this weekend to take care of my dad who had back surgery.  It is what all kids do for their parents - help them when they need us as they have done for us for so many years.  Nothing is easy as people get older and it is even harder when they don't feel well and have had sever surgery on their back.  It got me thinking about how we all need to focus on our health and keep moving.  It is so difficult to move around when you are sore, in pain and weak.  Since I am having  a lot of back issues as well, and my doctor is preparing me for another procedure, I must continue to do my exercises, stretches and walk.  Sometimes after a long day standing on my feet (in stilettos' no less) going for a walk is the last thing I want to do.  It must become the first thing I want to do.  If I don't stay limber and keep this body moving, I will end up stuck in 2A on my next flight.  I am hoping it is 2A and not 20A, but non the less I have to keep moving.  So wherever you are and whatever you are doing - take time for yourself and get out and take a walk!