Cindy Novotny

This is the life I chose therefore I must accept it!


cool assI have had a busy travel month and won't be home until March - but oh well I chose this life.  I just gave a speech in San Francisco and the emails I have received just remind me why I do what I do and why I live this crazy life.  I spent 2 weeks in Europe working, flew home to the USA to spend 2 days in Breckenridge skiing ( I sat on the sidelines as I have a bit of a backache right now) and after a few days in SFO I fly to China.  Again - this is what I chose to do so why complain?  So let me ask you a very important question - are you living your full life?  Are you living the life you chose or are you just going along for the ride?  It is time you look in the mirror and remember that the face looking back at you is your true self.  Who are you and are you living your authentic self?  Take some time to reflect on your goals, your job, your life and your direction.  Is it time to change lanes?