Cindy Novotny

Authentic Style is Hard to Find!


Everywhere I go people always talk about how genuine they are, how they follow the Golden Rule and beyond any doubt they are authentic.  These are the same people that occasionally talk out both sides of their mouths, don't follow through and turn their back on you when it is not convenient to stand up for what is right.  Karma is tough and most people don't realize how bad it is until they finally focus on their behavior when the bottom falls out.  Think about the people you know who don't return your calls but when they need you they call, text, email and send smoke signals.  Authenticity is not hard to spot.  It comes in many sizes and in all languages.  It stands for quality, exceptional presence and a true gift for connecting with people.  I challenge you to ask those around you just how authentic you are.  Don't just ask the people who kiss up to you, but ask those who have nothing to lose for telling you the truth.  Make sure you are tough enough to handle the truth!