Cindy Novotny

For The Wolves!


ImageImageI have always loved wolves and have pictures and artwork of wolves running in the snow around my lodge.  I receive a lot of updates on protecting the wolves from Jamie Rappaport Clark, President of Defenders of the Wild ( and recently read some amazing articles on the strategic behavior of wolves.  That gave me my thoughts for my message today.

I love teamwork and have always believed we do such a better job as a team vs. individual contribution, but continue to run into people who just don’t get the concept.

Wolves are an inspiration for organizational development theories, as wolves are dedicated team players, unbelievable with communicating with each other and adapt to the environment daily.  That is what makes them so strong. 

Wolves don’t think about I – Me – Mine!  They focus their energy toward actions that lead to their goals – as a pack (a team).  They don’t run around in different directions but have a strategic plan and execute their plan through constant communication.  When that moment of truth arrives – they are ready to play their role in the pack – no questions, no second thoughts, and no fear!

The Wolf does not depend on luck – luck is not their strategy.  Their plan is about cohesion, training and teamwork and the ultimate result is life or death.

So whether you like wolves or not, or whether you like your colleagues or not, you must have a plan to succeed.  No one flies solo, no man is an island and every day we are running for our life.