Cindy Novotny

Leaves are changing - Are you?

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Fall is in the air.  The weather is crisp, cool and fresh (at least in the Midwest).  This is a perfect time to change things up for you personally and professionally.  You have one quarter left in the year to make your goals and set the tone for 2014 but it will take some thought, some commitment and some attitude adjustment for some.  Take the opportunity as we wrap up September and head into the hectic year end chaos to focus on what you are doing and what you want to achieve.  Ask yourself the following questions and be "real" as you discuss these with your boss, your family, your friends and anyone that can help you or sabotage your plan.

1.  Where do you see yourself in 2014?

2.  If you could change anything right now to be happier next year what would it be?

3.  Who do you want in your life?

4.  Who do you want out of your life?

5.  What will you do to find solutions to all of the above questions?