Cindy Novotny

Working from home - or hardly Working?!


If you have the ability to work from home you need to seriously take a good hard look at your set up.  Working from home permanently is different than working from home when you don't feel well or you have to stay home with a sick child.  There are a lot of sales people working from home that are just to 'casual.'  By this I am not talking dress code, but your sense of a 'real work' environment.  Here are a few tips to set you up for success ~

1.  Have a designated office - not the corner of your bed

2.  Start on time (same time) and end on time - many people who work from home run errands during the day and then find themselves working late into the night.  This is alright once in awhile but it should not become a standard.  Train everyone in your family to know you are at 'work'

3.  Get out of the office everyday for lunch, coffee or a quick walk - you need a change of scenery when you work alone

4.  Go to every networking event you can possibly attend

5.  Use Skype for all meetings with the main office so they can see you in action and you are a part of the team (seeing is believing)

The key to home office flexibility is to be more productive at your home office than you would be in a corporate office.  If your production doesn't show that - start packing up as you will be moving back to the cubicle before long!