Cindy Novotny

The Gift of Love!


bradfordOver the past few days I took care of my ‘great nephew’ – they key to this word is that this is my sister’s grandson and I am a little rusty at taking care of a 21/2 year old.  With that said, this beautiful baby boy solidified the meaning of love.  He kisses you when he feels you are tired or sad, he say I love you all day long and makes you believe you are his entire world.  Life is not about buying beautiful things for those you love as an expression of your affection as this is just putting on a show with a gift and only a source of temporary enjoyment.  What is more caring and personal is to demonstrate your abundant generosity in non-materialistic ways. A sincere gesture from the heart means more than anything you can buy.  Sometimes it takes a small little boy with an open, big heart to remind you that he doesn’t care about the toys, what he loves is the hugs, the giggles, the kisses and the attention.  Think of this as you go through your day as it is the same with the ‘big people’ too!