Cindy Novotny

The Past Doesn't Always = The Present!


Be aware - be very aware not to become obsolete.  For many years we took things for granted that were always a part of our lives.  Fear of the unknown kept us from trying a new product or changing to a different computer or phone.  So hold on to some of these things as they may be as valuable as the first Barbie Doll.

According to LinkedIn's Office Endangered Species Survey these items will begin to fade from office life in the next five years:

  • Tape recorders
  • Fax machines
  • Rolodexes
  • Standard working hours
  • Desktop computers
  • Formal business attire
  • Corner offices for executives
  • Cubicles
  • USB thumb drives
  • An office with a door
  • Business cards
  • Copy machines

So before you throw any of this out - do a double check about your mindset.  Are you ready for change - can you produce results without someone leaning over your shoulder - what is your accountability rating?  Respondents of this survey believe flexible working hours, telecommuting, video conferencing, web based documents, enterprise social media and casual business dress will be commonplace by 2017. 

I find some of this funny, as we started telecommuting, casual dress, no corner office, web based documents and several of these 'new trends' over 10 years ago when we opened our new office.  My one caution - don't get too comfortable in your yoga pants as the client still is looking for the professional.  And those you wish to telecommute - you still need to produce results in between feeding the baby!