Cindy Novotny

Shortcuts That Mean Business!


I was with a law firm recently where users of BigHand, a voice productivity and dictation provider gave these comments and I just wanted to share.

Talking is faster than typing.”
“We all dictate, we just call it voice mail.”
“Two hours in traffic and I was able to verbally delegate all of my tasks via my smartphone.”

Time is money. Regardless of the ever-changing landscape of business today this fact remains. As every industry faces reductions in back-end support staff to cope with ever-diminishing budgets, as covered by the Wall Street Journal, lawyers, sales professionals and executives around the world are doing more with less. More time is now spent on administrative tasks like typing up proposals, updating CRM, standard letters and emails.  These tasks are draining time that could be better spent on business development and client engagement.  

Though dictation is often viewed as an antiquated practice, the technology is no longer just used for long documents and the more seasoned professional.  As we move into a voice-activated app world, we are doing more with our voice to get things done: Voice Productivity Technology (VPT). So how in the world can using your voice combined with advanced workflow software actually save you and your firm time and money?  Look into it NOW!